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Abnett, D., I. Edginton, et al. (2002). Planet of the apes. Milwaukie, Or., Dark Horse Comics.

Ace, B. (1951). The Ace Book of Comics, etc. [By various authors.]. London, Odhams Press.

Adams, N. and G. Marvel Comics (1996). X-men visionaries: the Neal Adams collection. London, Boxtree.

Akizuki, R. (1999). Survival in the office: the evolution of Japanese working women = taiyaku OL shinkaron. Tokyo, Kodansha Intanashonaru.

Alan, G. and R. Lee (1990). SuperTed in cookie capers. London, Marvel in association with Redan.

Alan, G. and S. County (1990). Fireman Sam in catch that cat!. London, Marvel Comics in association with the Redan Co.

Alexander, J. (1999). The kiss of the sun. London, Knockabout Comics.

Alexander, P., I. Boothby, et al. (2002). Simpsons comics unchained. London, Titan.

Allie, S. (2003). Betrayal. Milwaukie, OR; London, Dark Horse Comics: Titan.

Allie, S. (2003). The Dark Horse book of hauntings: eight uncanny tales of spirit manifestations, apparitions, and otherworldly horrors, told in words and pictures: also, sťance medium L.L. Dreller orates upon his occult gift, peculiar stories from beyond. Milwaukie, OR; [London], Dark Horse Comics: Titan.

Alsip, N., E. Aguilar, et al. (2004). Simpsons comics belly buster. London, Titan.

Alvarez, T. (1996). How to create action, fantasy, and adventure comics. Cincinnati, Ohio; [Great Britain], North Light.

Amor, R. and T. Amor (1980). The junk shop. London [etc.], Hutchinson.

Anderson, G. (1982). Gerry Anderson's thunderbirds special. London, Polystyle.

Anderson, G. and C. Burr (1984). Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr's Terrahawks rainy day book. Bristol, Purnell.

Anderson, K. J. and D. Carrasco (1998). Star wars: tales of the Jedi. The fall of the Sith Empire. Milwaukie, Or.; London, Dark Horse Comics: Titan.

Anderson, K. J. and D. Carrasco (1999). The Sith war. London, Titan.

Anderson, K. J., C. Gossett, et al. (2001). Redemption. London, Titan.

Anderson, K. J., D. Carrasco, et al. (1998). The fall of the Sith Empire. Milwaukie, Dark Horse Comics.

Anderson, K. J., R. Moesta, et al. (2001). Star Trek--the next generation: the Gorn crisis. La Jolla, CA, WildStorm/DC Comics.

Anderson, K. J., R. Moesta, et al. (2001). The Gorn crisis. La Jolla, Calif., Paramount Comics.

Andoniou, C. (1987). Cultural propaganda and stereotyping through children's comics: an investigation of children's comic book literature in Greece.

Andrew, R., J. Ozynski, et al. (1988). Equiano: the slave who fought to be free. Braamfontein, Ravan Press.

Archer, N. (1995). Predator: concrete jungle. London, Millenium.

Archer, N. (1998). Predator: cold war. London, Millennium.

Archer, N. (2002). Encounters with the unknown. La Jolla, CA; [London, DC Comics/WildStorm: Titan].

Archer, N. and M. Verheiden (1998). Cold war. London, Millennium.

Arcudi, J. (1993). The Mask: the collection. Milwaukie; London, Dark Horse Comics: Titan.

Arcudi, J. and D. Mahnke (1994). The mask returns. Milwaukie, Or., Dark Horse Comics.

Ard, C. and G. Marvel Comics (1996). Flipper: making a splash this summer! special. Tunbridge Wells, Marvel Comics.

Asamiya, K. and A. Collins Max (2003). Child of dreams. New York; [Great Britain], DC Comics.

Asamiya, K. and M. A. Collins (2003). Batman: child of dreams. New York, DC Comics.

Ashford, D. and N. Wright (2001). The thriller comics companion. Harrow, Wright Ashford.

Association of Comics, E. (1992). Comic cuts: newsletter of the Association of Comics Enthusiasts. [London], [Association of Comics Enthusiasts].

Auchterlounie, N. (1999). Simon Cat in, "Taxi". Hove, Slab-O-Concrete.

Augustyn, B. (1996). Superman, Batman: alternate histories. New York, DC Comics.

Augustyn, B. and Alcatena (1996). Superman/Batman: alternate histories. New York, N.Y.; [London], DC Comics: [Titan Books, distributor].

Austen, C. (2004). Catwoman: the movie & other cat tales. New York, N.Y.; [London, DC Comics: Titan].

Austen, C. (2005). The wrath of Gog. New York, Titan Books.

Austin, T. and C. Sprouse (2000). Splinter of the mind's eye. London, Titan.

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